Applicants must be in pursuit of a formal collaboration, be that for exploration, active planning, implementation or post-implementation support. Better Together Fund manages a competitive application process, and not all requests for funding will be awarded.  For your proposed collaboration to be eligible for any of the grant types, at least one of the partnering organizations must:

1.   Be a nonprofit based in and/or serving the North Texas community. Preference will be given to collaborations that serve constituents in Dallas County.

2.    Meet financial criteria including: a complete annual independent audit, an annual tax return (990/990EZ), an active board of directors and an IRS determination letter verifying non-profit status. New Initiatives and Nonprofits must present equivalent financial documentation such as audited financial statements or a board-approved budget.


Better Together Fund's grant types are designed to meet organizations wherever they are. Each funding request will be considered independently, as opposed to being part of a formal continuum, from readiness assessment and feasibility to planning to implementation. It is anticipated that after conducting thorough exploratory work, some collaborative projects will not proceed to implementation based upon the exploration findings. 

There are five steps in the Better Together Fund grants process. Click here to download application details and access contact information to schedule a preliminary consultation.

  1. Preliminary consultation (required)

  2. Submit 1-page LOI

  3. Receive invitation-only application & submit materials

  4. Proposal compliance & review

  5. Funding approval



1.       Meets the definition of formal collaboration and has the potential to meaningfully preserve, expand or improve efficiency or services to constituents

2.       Alignment of purpose among the partners

3.       Demonstrated commitment to the success of the collaboration among the partners at ED/Board Chair level (or equivalent leadership)

4.       The degree to which Better Together Fund funds can play a catalytic role in the process

5.       Thoughtful pre-planning among partners as demonstrated in well-conceived application responses, with clearly articulated costs, goals, timeline and benchmarks as appropriate


Better Together Fund accepts applications on a quarterly basis through the online portal. However, recognizing the importance of nonprofits being able to seize unpredicted catalytic moments, proposal review can be expedited upon request if the nature of the request is time-sensitive.  Preliminary consultation requests are accepted and scheduled on a rolling basis. Click here to learn more.

Upcoming Application Deadlines

  • March 22, 2019

  • June 21, 2019

  • August 30, 2019

  • November 15, 2019

What we do not fund

Better Together Fund does not consider any transaction involving only one organization (e.g., internal reorganization/repositioning), or any short-term activity (e.g., organizing a conference in partnership, co-branding a one-time advocacy campaign).

Better Together Fund does not support program-level only collaborations that do not involve a fundamental shift in the organizations’ business models (e.g., a nonprofit providing afterschool programming is not eligible for a grant because it “works” with a school).

Better Together Fund does not support applicants for the Better Together Grant if they have not previously received funding for any of the other grant types. First time applicants must apply for a Readiness Assessment and Feasibility, Planning or Implementation Grant. Better Together Grants are contingent on successful completion of a formal collaboration previously supported by the Fund.


Applications for Readiness Assessment & Feasibility Grants may be submitted by individual organizations seriously considering a formal collaboration, regardless if a prospective partner has been identified.  All other applications must be submitted jointly by participating entities of proposed collaboration. For administrative purposes, one contact person must be designated to steward the grant application process.

The size of funding allocations for each grant type will be determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the complexity of the proposed collaboration. In most instances, grants will be awarded for less than the maximum dollar amount indicated above. Better Together Fund anticipates some collaborations will face unexpected and unintended expenses that are outside the framework of the support types described and withholds the right to deploy additional capital at the Better Together Fund's discretion.

Better Together Fund will retain, share and look to grow an active list of technical assistance providers and consultants with demonstrated experience, but will not require you to use any given firm.