Research shows that high-impact nonprofits do not go it alone. They work with and through other organizations to create more impact than they ever could have achieved in isolation. 

We invite you to learn more by exploring the following resources:

Case Studies

Newtrax: Turning a Shift in Funding into New Efficiencies | The Power of Possibility

Carson Valley Children’s Aid: Coming Together to Expand Services to Families in Need | The Power of Possibility

HopeFound: Discovering Complementary Efforts to End Homelessness in Boston | The Power of Possibility

Youth Services Network: Sharing Technology Innovations to Better Serve Homeless Youth | The Power of Possibility

Cancer Support Community Becoming the National Leader in Psychosocial Care | The Lodestar Foundation and The Bridgespan Group

How the Arts Can Prosper Through Strategic Collaboration | Harvard Business Review

Los Angeles (Western Justice Center and ENCOMPASS, Foothill AIDS Project & Chapcare)

Chatanooga Museums Administrative Consolidation  | La Piana Consulting

Collaboration in Twin Cities Puts Focus On Mission | Alliance Magazine

Increasing Efficiency at the Oakland East Bay Symphony | La Piana Consulting

Ready Set Parent Joint Programming and Administrative Consolidation  | La Piana Consulting

YWCA Sonoma County and West County Community Services  | La Piana Consulting

Collaboration for Integrated Services and Systems Change, Lessons Learned From the Domestic Violence and Health Care Partnership Project  | La Piana Consulting

For additional case study examples, visit the Collaboration Hub on Grantspace, a service of The Foundation Center. The Hub includes a comprehensive searchable collection of more than 650 profiles of vetted collaborations submitted for the Collaboration Prize in 2009 and 2011. Readers can search collaborations by location type and subject area.

Tools & PartneR ESSENTIALS

*NEW - Meeting Your Match: How to Identify, Assess and Engage a Potential Merger Partner | La Piana Consulting

The Power of Possibility – a toolkit for nonprofit leaders | BoardSource

Models of Collaboration - Nonprofit Organizations Working Together |  The Lodestar Foundation

Mergers & Collaborations Resource Center | The Bridgespan Group

The Collaborative Map | La Piana Consulting

Collaboration Hub | Grantspace, a service of Foundation Center

Cross-sector Collaboration Toolkit | The Intersector Project

Collaboration Toolkit – Creating an MOU  |  Colorado Nonprofit Association

Financial Self-Assessment Worksheet | Nonprofit Finance Fund

Financial Due Diligence Checklist | La Piana Consulting

Issues to be Negotiated in a Merger  | La Piana Consulting

Nonprofit Merger Integration Activities | La Piana Consulting

The Negotiations Process | La Piana Consulting